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플레이그라운드 playground

Grap your camera and take pictures! Use your fee emotion not thinking composition!
『Playground |a place for your delight photo life』Let's play with camera rather than consider techniques of photo taking. Playing with camera should be fun not stressful! You can find the hidden beauty of daily life. This book offers the way you can enjoy the moment you take pictures without thinking concepts!

This book is divided into three parts; history of frames, coexist of play and camera, and new discovery you can make with pictures. This book describes 35 different film cameras and their performance and color sense in detail. This book also explains from film camera to automatic camera able to arrange exposure of light and distance.

Using small and light half camera you can split one frame of 35mm film into two frames. Since you can put two stories on the one picture, omnibus style of picture is possible. Especially this book full of beautiful colors made by lomo camera inspires you to imagine various stories. This book also includes checklist for buying used cameras. It will make you engross in nostalgic thoughts of film cameras.


2008.12.20 224 pages, color 173 x 210mm ₩ 16,000 / 16.00 USD playground, 2008
ARTISTS/LINKS: 3pp dodos 김도희 재유 이공 엄윤주 최난희 황병순 로지 구이삼 오형석 박정연 이민규 전미정 오혜진