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도도스 DODOS contemporary artbook



DODOS; Contemporary artbook. DODOS is occasional publication introducing domestic and foreign comtemporary artists' the latest works. Major feature of this book is works of notable pop artists, photographers and illustrators are widely shown. DODOS tries to suggest new trend by deconstruction of genre. These trans-genre works are dealt by modern context and sentiment.


Volume 1 carries works of 27 artists such as 이동기, YP and 허정은. 이동기 is one of the most representative pop artists making unique icon, Atomouse, combination of Atom and Mickey mouse. YP is contemporary artists who use factors from cartoon widely. He has participated many exhibition hosted by 국제 gallery and rodin gallery. Illustrator 허정은 usually make images for advertisement and covers of books. She has made her unique digital collage.


2009.04.20 276 pages, color 210 x 200mm ₩ 22,000 / 22.00 USD playground, 2009